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Hey everyone,

It’s hard to keep everything up to date and I’m a bit behind here on the site.  For the most current updates, the facebook page is the best place to go.  Well, we’ve finished shooting all of the footage and we have one version of the video complete. Toying with a few ideas / tweaks yet but those will have to wait for just a bit as I’m currently en route to Las Vegas to get married this weekend. It has been a busy couple of weeks to say the least! We got some amazing footage over 4th of July weekend though and I can’t wait to see the final product.  We also got unbelievable cooperation from Westfield PD, Westfield Fire, and Muncie PD and are VERY appreciative of their support!  I’m posting some pics here for you to check out but many are also on the facebook page. Some of these pics are stills pulled from the video footage we shot while others are just intended to give you a “behind the scenes” look.  Enjoy.  We’ll have more news soon!

Thank you Al-Bar Ranch!

Gotta give a shout-out to the folks at the Al-Bar Ranch in Mishawaka, Indiana for hooking me up with some boots for the video shoot! You can find them on the web here. Thanks guys!

The Latest News!

Hey everyone! Lots happening! Started shooting for the video yesterday. Was a great day of filming! You can read more about it and view some still images from the footage we captured on the Facebook page – In Caramel, Indiana now waiting for the 4th of July parade to start. Hoping to capture some more great footage of of Americans celebrating freedom!

Video Shoot Locations

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Thought I’d post some photos of locations that are in the running to possibly shoot footage for the music video at.  We were maybe going to shoot as early as this Thursday but it looks like it will get pushed back to next week.  We needed a bit more prep time!  After all, we just decided to move forward with the video project this past Saturday!  These are just a few possibilities – nothing is final just yet.  Even if we use these, there will likely be at least one other outdoor location that will be a different type of setting altogether.  And the wheat field is cause for concern in that it will be harvested soon!

Music Video in the Works!

Spent the day yesterday making plans and doing prep work for a music video for the song. Turns out it’s a lot of work! And my part is actually quite minimal compared to that of the director! Actually, he’s more than just the director in that he’s wearing several hats and performing roles usually filled by multiple persons. But back to all of the work involved… You have to come up with concepts and, ultimately, agree on one. Then you have to scout locations to shoot it and obtain permission from the property owners, etc. Scouting locations alone can take a lot of time! And it’s a critical part of the process too. If you don’t select good locations to shoot, you’re just not going to end up with anything worthwhile. And then there’s the list of items that need to be obtained – generators, shop fans, a portable PA, a HUGE American flag (still working to get that nailed down) and miscellaneous other things. Not a lot of time to do all of this in either as we may shoot it as early as this coming Thursday. The plan is to get all of the footage shot in one day but that, of course, is not the end of the work. Then the editing begins which, thankfully, is not being done by me. :-) Don’t have an ETA as to the completion date yet but I’ll post statuses and keep all of you updated as things progress. Should be cool!

Wanna Run the Marine Corps Marathon?

If you looked over my bio, you may have noticed that I am a runner. Well, if you are interested in running the Marine Corps Marathon but didn’t get registered in time, you might want to consider entering the event as a charity runner for “America 4R Marines.” The fundraising requirement is very low – only $400! And what an appropriate charity to run for at this event! If you need Washington D.C. to complete your 50-states plus D.C. tour, or just want to run this very popular marathon, click here to find out all of the details.

Check out the new facebook page!

Hello everyone, When you have a minute, check out the new facebook fan page for “The Eagle Still Flies” and, if you like it, “like” it! :-) It just went live!