About the song

Shortly after the events of Sept. 11, 2001, Danette Baird began writing the words and music to an anthem commemorating what happened that day. While the first verse and chorus had come rather easily, finishing the song was proving a bit difficult, so Danette asked her brother, Daniel Mark Baird, if he would be willing to help. Daniel caught a vision for the song, and after contributing lyrics to a second verse and bridge, set it to rousing music.

Thus was born “The Eagle Still Flies,” which was recorded as a demo in 2002. However, nothing was done to promote or release the song, which sat idle for a number of years.

But recently, with the tenth anniversary of 9/11 approaching, Danette and Daniel decided that the time might be right to do something with the song. So with the help of veteran Nashville producer and studio musician Shane Keister, the brother-sister duo began working on a new recording, with Daniel lending his voice to the project.

“Danette and I really believe that the song says something powerful about the resilience of the American spirit,” said Daniel, “and we think that it will resonate with countless Americans.”

Added Danette: “The events of 9/11 were traumatic on many levels, and clearly there’s healing that still needs to take place. We hope the song can be part of that.”

“The Eagle Still Flies” was recorded in Nashville, Tenn., between October, 2010, and February, 2011, and was performed by co-author Daniel Mark Baird.  Instrumental tracks were recorded at the Tracking Room, and vocals were recorded at 24.

Baird credits Shane Keister, a veteran studio musician and producer, with giving the project a strong sense of direction. “He had a vision for the record and brought the right people together,” Baird said.

Song credits:

Producer, Organ: Shane Keister
Drums: Steve Brewster
Acoustic guitar: John Willis
Electric guitar: J.T. Corenflos
Pedal steel guitar: Paul Franklin
Bass guitar: Mike Brignardello
Background vocals: Thom Flora
Tracking Engineer: Steve Bishir
Assistant Engineer: Zach Allen
Mixing: Michael Hanson
Mastering: Yes Master Studios

Photo credits:

Skyline photo: Dennis Leung
Eagle photo: Steve Maslowski / USFWS