A True American Hero

Hey folks,

I have a cool story to share about my sister, Danette, co-writer of the song. These photos are of Col. Lawrence Guarino. He is one of the heroes who has helped ensure that “the eagle still flies.” He served in three wars (World War II, Korean, and Vietnam) and has been decorated with a number of military honors, including the Air Force Cross, the Air Force Distinguished Service Medal, two Air Force Distinguished Flying Crosses, and two Silver Stars. He was shot down on a combat mission over Vietnam in 1965, and for more than seven years he endured savage treatment as a prisoner of war. He shared a cell with Sen. John McCain at the so-called “Hanoi Hilton.” Col. Guarino’s name was on the POW bracelet that Danette wore when she was 12 years old. She says, “I prayed for him every night.” Well, Danette recently contacted a POW organization in an effort to find Col. Guarino. She was overjoyed when she was ultimately able to connect with him, and several friendly email exchanges ensued. The military hero continues to share and serve–at age 89. You can find his most recent book, “Down in Flames,” here. Thank you, Col. Guarino!

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