A Three-dog Night

The night we met Officer Wells and his police dog, Carlos, was actually a “three-dog night.” Danette, my sister and co-author of “The Eagle Still Flies,” was on her way to the filming of the sequence in downtown Muncie, Indiana when she happened upon two hungry and homeless dogs. In her standard mode of operation, she picked them up–and even took them to the filming. Later, with the help of Lt. Cheryl Mench, also of the Muncie Police Dept., Danette was able to secure placement for them at ARF, a local animal shelter. The dogs may be a mother/daughter duo and have been named Martha and Wilma. While we couldn’t talk Lt. Mench into appearing in the video, we do want to give her and ARF Director Phil Peckinpaugh a big thanks for assisting with this rescue. If you are from the Muncie area and are interested in adopting, donating, or volunteering, you can contact ARF at www.munciearf.com. But, despite all this, we are NOT changing the name of the song to “The Beagle Still Flies!” :-) Since the story wouldn’t be complete without a few photos, here’s one of Danette and Wilma, as well as a couple of Officer Wells and his canine partner Carlos. I suspect that a photo of Martha will be posted on the ARF website shortly.

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